Legend Hustle

Cập nhật lúc: 10:35 15/03/15

Tác giả:Kim Kyung Yeol

Tình trạng:

Thể loại:ActionAdventureManhwaSci-fi

Lượt xem:8.347

Theo dõi:43

Nội dung truyện tranh Legend Hustle

Na Hae-Il, whose father works as a scholar, constantly travels around the world. Hence, it is difficult for Hae-Il to enjoy a regular school life. One day, a mysterious white hair girl appears, claiming that his father sent her! Thus the 14 year-old German girl claims that she is Hae-Il's fiance and continues to bring Hae-Il into weird situations. Changes in his body, enemies flying at him continiously...Who are they, and what is hidden within Hae-Il's glove?

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